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Need help, how to connect Switch to old TV?

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Hey guys, I live in the USA.


What I have: An old TV, I know this isn't the ideal TV people are using for this purpose, but I'm interested in using this old TV (that is otherwise clutter) as a retro style monitor display for my Pokemon Dungeons casual nightly gameplay by hooking it up to my Nintendo Switch (non OLED). I don't know what's required, or if it's even possible.

TV = Toshiba Model No.MV19L4 (manufactured Sep 2001) with one yellow and one white LINE IN aux point. I believe the yellow is for video in, and the white for audio in. I know it'll be the pleb version of audio for this purpose and I don't care. The TV is specked at AC 120V 60GHz 86W and (while not relevant might help you identify the tv I have) has a VHS and PHONES port.


Here's what I want:

1) A seamless, preferably cheap but not unstable / not unreliable, way to hook my Nintendo switch up to my TV. Any recommendations? (I'm not worried about the distortion of the visuals as long as everything shows up on screen).

                      Q: Is it possible not to get distortion of visuals? Probably not right?

2) I want the TV audio to work, but it really doesn't have to for my purposes, I can play Pokemon Mystery Dungeon silent Afterall. 

                      Note: I do not have nor plan to hook up any additional audio output from the TV, nor from the Switch. No interest in it.

3) I need to know if I can power the switch, the TV, and the connection means by no more than 2 wall outlets (with 2 within the rectangle)... it's a normal everyday 120 outlet... #USA.

                      Yeah: i'm not an electrician so I likely sound like a complete moron describing the wall outlet... lol.


Concerns / Unknowns: 

1) Is my TV a real fire hazard and should I buy a fire extinguisher or am I fine using a TV from 2001 with absolutely no reasonable concern.

                      ?: Any cheap recommendations for a properly applicable fire extinguisher?

2) Will I need to known linux or coding voodoo or can I plug and play? I'm an idiot, so hopefully I can just plug and play.


Things you likely need to know:

1) I do not have any capable connection device. 

2) I believe I lack audio cords for this purpose. 


So what's the damage? Any recommendations for what to buy to use here and how to use it?




















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