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Best way to connect to a Remote Desktop Collection


this is my first post馃檪

I am working on a system with the following design:聽
I have 3 Remote Desktop Servers with the session host聽 role installed on them and a third one with the broker and licensing role installed on it.

The Remote Desktop Session Hosts are configured as one collection.

I also have 20 Thin Clients with IGEL OS installed (a Thin Client Linux OS)聽

I am looking for a way to make sure that when I connect to the collection, I will always be directed to a server that is online.

Right now, I am using a DNS round-robin on the Domain Controller to resolve the session name to one of the RDS Servers.

But when a server is down, round-robin still returns it's IP-Address and I get a timeout.

I use a regular RDS-Connection (FreeRDP) not a conenction via WebRD or similar.

Is there a way to make sure, that when i connect to the collection, i will be directed to an active RDS which will communicate with the broker to load balance?

Thank you馃檪

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