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Sony WH-1000X M3 battery swap possible?

Ashley MLP Fangirl

as the title says, i have a WH-1000X M3 headset, that i've had for i think 4 years, maybe closer to 5 years. it's served me incredibly well so far and i have no issues with it, other than the battery life not being what it used to be. 


it lasts about 2 days with my use now, and it'll give a low battery warning on the evening of the second day. when it was new, this was a week. 


are there any resources on opening these up and replacing batteries? it it possible at all? 


i'm comfortable soldering if i have to, i'm willing to deal with some inconvenience if it means i can fix this very expensive headset. 


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Not to be rude but did you even do a google search.

Ten seconds of googling I found a YouTube video showing me how to take the headphones apart, showing they have a simple connector on the battery so no soldering needed.

Ten seconds later I found replacement batteries on eBay and Amazon.

Theres the video

Ill let you pick the battery.

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