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Need help replacing the LCD panel on a Razer Blade 15 Advanced


Hey everyone,


I'm hoping someone here can help as I've had no luck on Reddit and on Razer's forums. I have a mid-2021 Razer Blade Advanced that I cracked the screen of about a month ago. It's got a RTX 3070 and a QHD 165Hz screen. I want to mention that while the screen was cracked, it was still ~90% usable as it would boot and you could still use all of the screen that wasn't cracked. I removed the panel to get a model number and find "N156KME-GNA" (pictured in the first picture below with two pieces of gaff tape).


So, I search that model number on Ebay and I find this one for the same model number and toting the same QHD 165Hz that the original panel has. I bought the panel from the Ebay listing and it looks like a near match physically as they're the same size and have the same 40-pin connector. The screen I bought though has two stickers. One with the model number I searched for and one with "NE156QHM-NY2 V8.0". 


Regardless, I connected the new panel and when I turn the laptop on, it powers on the panel but there's no image displayed. It also doesn't seem to be fully booting up with the new panel connected as I've tried connecting it to an HDMI monitor and the HDMI monitor won't get a display if the panel is connected and I boot it up but will get a display if I start the laptop without the panel connected (no panel). 


I don't know if there's some BIOS setting or some servicing command or something that needs to be done to fully replace the panel but I'm kind of at my wit's end. I don't even know for sure if the panel I bought is compatible or not as I don't have much experience with replacing laptop panels. 


Any help would be appreciated!




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I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it may simply be that you were sold another broken panel. If you bought it through eBay, you should be able to lodge a complaint and get refunded. Do reach out to the seller beforehand to see if they can resolve it for you

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