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Upgrading 6800xt to 4070 TI VS 7900 XT, what to do?


 Hi all,


So i checked a lot of reviews and what i could find was;

7900XT more vram, and like 3-5% better performance

4070ti, less coil whine, DLSS (don't know if i even care), better raytracing (also don't really care) 


I play on a 1440p 240hz monitor, rarely i play 4k controller games on my oled tv. (LG G1, but not using hdmi 2.1 because it's a fibre optic hdmi running through the wall that couldnt handle that)


The price for me is 860 euro's for the 7900xt, and 900 euro's for the 4070ti. so it's super close. 


Upgrading because i can sell my 6800xt for a good price and i see it as gaining 30% performance for spending 200 euros now. after selling it 🙂


Any wisdom here? I have had Nvidia cards in t he past, I had a 1080ti for example. Always liked the drivers and such. But I didn't really have problems with AMD's drivers neither. It has all been fine for me.


Cpu = 5800 x3D

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