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New build from Build Redux running HOT


So long story short ordered a pc from build redux and FedEx beat the crap out of it on the way, my box was badly damaged and ram stick was out of its slot bouncing around my case. Plugged the ram back in and started downloading applications and a few games, I notice that my idle temps are high. Here are my specs- i9 13900k, rtx 4070ti , asus z690 mobo, cm master liquid ml360 aio , cm td500 rgb case , 850w atx 80 plus gold , 32gb ddr4 dual channel , 1tb nvme m.2. When i am playing a game like insurgency sandstorm on high settings my temps are thermal throttling. I will post idle temps first and temps while gaming after. The gaming temps are from after like 15 minutes, if i go longer it throttles. They only put 4 fans in the case, one in the back and 3 on the radiator. The fan in the back feels like an exhaust. 

idle 1.png

idle 2.png

idle 3.png

gaming 1.png

gaming 2.png

gaming 3.png

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