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Diablo 4 and steam deck steam os vs windows


I was wondering if anyone has tested this beta release on the deck with steam os and windows yet. 

The beta isn't open like it was last weekend so I can't test but wondering if anyone has experience and tried this. 

I was able to get it installed on steam os today though. 

I also have windows 11 pro for workstations installed and running from an external drive with steam deck tools and the acpi drivers that are missing from steam. 

If I get access to the beta I'll try performance testing both. 

I did test that install with world of warcraft and found that the performance was better in windows surprisingly. 

Steam os was getting about 85 fps with no limits on it and the same install (same settings) copied into windows I was getting about 105fps in the same spot in the game with no other players around. 

Found that very surprising as last time I tried that 6 months ago, windows performance was about half of steam os.

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