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LTTStore Ad in a PhD Defense??? - Thanks LTT for the knowledge/entertainment

I don't know if this is off topic, but seemed the correct place to put it, and excuse the memey title.


Tuesday I defended my PhD dissertation, one of the last steps before you become a PhD. I had intended to record it but forgot so no video evidence (or ability for family/friends to view after the fact) sadly, however right before I got to questions, I took a drink from my water bottle and said "LTTStore.com" I just wanted to thank LTT staff for being a source of entertainment for a large section of my college journey (began watching in earnest when I broke my leg in 2014) and for actually being incredibly useful in my research (I built five computers and spec'd two more during the parts shortage when it was easier to buy from system integrators for my lab as well as all the troubleshooting I had to do). This even lead to one of these builds and my PC Part Picker being referenced in a research paper.


I've never regretted what I considered my "initial investment" in to LTT as signified by my rare forum badge. For the general people potentially reading this, my field could be charitably called computational biophysics and feel free to ask me any questions.

The award fits...

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