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T12 solder station



Are there any differences between these 3? T12-d is 23$, t12 pro is 30$, and t12x plus is 38$



Theres also this thing that can use t12 tips



Currently i just need it to resolder the bios chips on my x58a ud3r but ill problably use it for desoldering vrms aswell cause i got a board thats working but 2 mosfets shorted out and now the board wont turn on


Also any soldering essentials that ill need? Cause currently i got some low temp solder paste, flux, and some solder wire, dont have any solder wick or solder sucker or anything like that

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Hot air stations are a better choice for desoldering surface mount components

I have a T12 KSGER with short handle. The ones that fit the old holder, have a much longer hand to tip distance. 

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