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Would this monitor connect to my laptop?


Hey guys, I was wondering if the Acer XV272U Pbmiiprzx monitor is compatible with the HP Omen 15 (ryzen 7 4800h gtx 1660ti) ? I believe I need HDMI 2.0 but the monitor only comes with 3.0 as far as I'm aware, though I'm not completely sure. If this ended up being the case, could I still somehow connect the laptop to the monitor? Just wondering, thanks!

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HDMI 3.0? Have I accidentally went into the future where HDMI 3.0 is released?

Anyway, I checked the monitor only has HDMI 2.1(rated) which means it is a 2.0, besides HDMI are backwards compatible, so you really just need an HDMI cable to use the monitor.

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HDMI 3.0 doesn't exist, but even if it did HDMI is backwards compatible. That monitor will work with your laptop, and you don't need any special cables. 

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