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BSOD Error - Page fault in nonpaged area

Just a while ago I turned on my computer like usual and was installing valorant (I haven't played it in a while) the installation process was going smoothly when suddenly my PC froze. Alt+f4 didn't work nor was I able to bring up the task manager...my caps lock wasn't working either and because I was listening to music the headphone suddenly went brrrrrrrrr like a audio distortion of some kind. I pressed the restart button and tried restarting then suddenly a BSOD came up saying "page fault in nonpaged area" anyways the pc restarted but it didn't display anything...since then I have tried restarting it couple of times but there's no display and I know it's stuck because all my fans on the case my cpu cooler and the gpu fans are spinning at max speed which happens only for a few seconds when I turn on my PC then it all goes to normal and I have my GPU fan in auto where it turns on only on load. Now I switched my ram from the second slot to the fourth slot and it still won't give my a post. I have only 1 ddr4 8gb ram stick running at 2400mhz. I noticed that both the EZ debug led from the top on my MSI B350 gaming plus motherboard are on. I checked the motherboard manual it's the CPU and the DRAM that have turned on. So what now? Please help!

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32 minutes ago, PrithwidipSaha said:

So what now? Please help!

Hi buddy,


Firstly, have you cleared CMOS? This is either a button or a jumper on the mobo that erases all BIOS info and sets back to factory.


You could also strip everything out of the case and put it back together on a piece of cardboard. Sounds silly but sometimes just taking it apart and putting it back together kicks these things back into shape. You might find a screw or bold stuck behind the mobo that's creating a short.


Check Ram module and slot contacts for any debris.


Do you have another stick or compatible RAM or a friend who can lend you one to try?


If that doesn't work, your next course of action will be to remove the CPU from the socket, check for any damaged pins and re-seat.


Note - when doing a 'bench build' to test for a POST, you don't need to completely assemble the cooler. if you are just testing for a POST, you can rest the heat sink / block on the CPU with a little thermal paste. As longs as your just trying to get into the BIOS your unlikely to load your CPU and overheat it. Just turn off the PC as soon as your happy it posts then you can properly reassemble everything.

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Hi, Today evening I installed a different ram from one of my friend. Right now I got 2*3200mhz Corsair stick with XMP profile on and its working fine. I installed my G.Skill ram again and the problem returns. It looks like I have to change my ram now. What do you say? Is it concluded that my ram is faulted or do I need to check something else?

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