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SLOBS Display Capture makes game lag. RTX 4090

I've had this issue since I've had my RTX 2080 TI, but it never really bothered me til recently I've started playing Destiny 2 that doesn't let you use Game Capture.


Whenever I go to use Display Capture on my SLOBS, (or whenever I stream to friends in discord, while watching one of my friends) I get insane frame drops, screen tearing, stutters, and the game does not look smooth at all

Only when I click to start recording or start streaming.


SLOBS is run as admin

DDUing and reinstalling drivers does nothing

x264 and NVENC do the same thing in terms of frame drops and stutterness

Reinstallation of Windows does nothing

Using Performance Mode also does nothing

Temps are normal, Destiny 2 says its using .2% of my GPU and 25% of my CPU (idk why only .2%, but I'm getting 250-300 fps still)

SLOBS uses 1.2% of my CPU and 0% of GPU even when NVENC is selected

Xbox Game Bar is uninstalled, Power usage is set to high power in the windows settings thing

Gsync is off, NVIDIA Low Latency is on Ultra, but its been happening even before I changed that setting in my PC


the only other thing I can think of is the fact that my main monitor is a 360 hz 1080p and my second monitor is a 60 hz 1440p, if that means anything.


Here are the specs if theres any known issues or fixes with these:



Z790 ROG Maximus Hero

G.Skill Trident Z RGB 16GBx2 DDR5-6000

RTX 4090 FE



I'm at a loss and I'm at the point to where I'm losing my mind because of this, I just want to use display capture.

Please help, I beg of you all.


Thank you, Andrew






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Also, lag only starts when OBS starts seeing the application, for the first few seconds of alt tabbing back into the game its perfectly fine, but once SLOBS starts seeing the game and actually recording it, thats when it starts stuttering, lagging, screen tearing, etc.

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