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MSI B450 Pro-A did a very strange thing.

My computer locked up the other night as I was trying to disconnect a USB drive from it, so much so that had to do a hard reset. After I did this, the machine did not post but was beeping me out a BIOS error code or maybe even a fan alarm I'm not really sure. 

Anyways I had just installed new ram a week ago and since the system didn't post I thought maybe it was bad, so I put my old kit back in and same result. At this point I decided to clear the BIOS and see if I could get into it, and I did, but the system was still beeping at me the entire time. I setup the BIOS back to my old config and the system restarted and booted into windows, but after a few minutes the beeping started once more.  At this point I thought maybe a fan or sensor had gone bad, so I ran HWinfo, but this just hard locked the system, and once again I had to hard reset which game me my original blinking cursor lockup.

As a last ditch effort I reset the bios again, and reflashed to latest release from MSI, and amazingly this fixed the issue. No more beeping and HWinfo will give me normal readings on all sensors. Been running for 2 days now with no other issues. 

My question is should I replace this board? Does an issue like this indicate a failure is likely to happen soon? I've never had a machine actually do something like this in my 20 years of tinkering.  

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