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New vulnerability found in Google's Pixel screenshot markup application, allows for DATA RECOVERY/UNCENSORING of cropped/censored screenshots.

8 hours ago, LAwLz said:

Probably a less likely scenario than the Pixel markup issue, but still not great.

Which is why I said it's still bad, but would happen less often.  Specifically because it means having to overwrite the current image and I think that becomes less of a common occurrence than on a phone taking a screenshot and then clipping.  A lot less likely the data you are overwriting also contains sensitive information compared to phones


7 hours ago, leadeater said:

I've done that a few times, it's basically always because I'm not happy with the first snip and do it again but it's of the same thing just very slightly different.

In cases where it's pretty much the same image just slightly different he amount of recoverable data is quite a bit less.

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