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Trying to learn about Workspace before migrating from Bluehost

I currently have Bluehost for web and mail hosting. Thinking of just ditching the web hosting and moving my email hosting to Google.
1. If I do that, will the Starter option let me bring my 3 emails on my personal domain name to the one acccount or do I have to pay for each address separately?
2. Can I keep the domain registration with bluehost or would I have to transfer the name to Google? Conversely, do I maybe want to move it to Google? Is there some benefit there?
3. I've locked myself into email service with Bluehost for the next year and a half. Can I just keep using that and use Workspace to handle my emails instead?

Thanks for any help!
Sorry, I just learned about Workspace because of a problem I weas having with Bluehost so I'm aware my questions may not entirely make sense.

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