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Weird Graphical Glitch, and Nostromo N52 Acting Up (Possibly related to something?)


I'm having a weird not-serious but inconvenient problem where two specific website icons gives off weird colors,.


These two speficially uses red and white. One of them is YouTube.

The white part randomly turns blue occasioanlly, and the black part on the othe ricon also turns light blue randomly, then shifts to black, and white.

These are the only two websites that does this. They share the same colors, but no other icons I have open are doing this. And this is only an issue with the browser tab's icons.

I tried different browsers, they seem to give the same results.


This may or may not be related, but. Shortly after. My N52 keypad started to reset its profile toggle cycle. It takes a few seconds, and it goes back to its starting profile.

This isn't happening on a different machine, which is odd.

I have a N52te, which is still working perfectly fine. So I can't tell what.


The reason I'm thinking there is a relation, is just guessing that maybe something is wrong with the memory, but I don't have much else to go from there. These are all new problems to me.

A restart didn't fix any of this. Actually, this came to be AFTER a restart. Further fueling my absolute fear of ever shutting down my machine, as something always breaks after doing so.



Machine spec:

Windows 10 64bit

AMD Ryzen 5 3600


NVidia RTX 2060

750Watt PSU



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  • 2 weeks later...

An update. We found out what triggers the icon miscoloring.

What we don't understand, is WHY it triggers. It seems to only turn like that when the window is in a specific area of the screen space.

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