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Triple K80 - Parts for a Remote CAD PC


Okay i have a GPU based 1u server case hanging around (3 GPU Unit). I was thinking about what i could do with it. Right now i have 3 K80 and 2 M40 at the house from some experiments i was trying out. If i toss Windows 10 on the hardware and remote into the OS to design, is there a good way to utilize 3 GPUs for CAD and Blender rendering? I need 1 Windows PC in the house and i would rather this be the only one. I am unsure of how to get the Multiple K80 to be used correctly by blender, Inventor or Solidworks. I do alot of CAD work so the CAD would be a better start if i only could get one working. Any info on getting this to work in windows would be helpful. I am not looking to invest in any extra hardware as i feel i have plenty already. Thanks for any responses.


Hardware so far:

2x Xeon E5-2660v3

256GB DD4-2400T ECC RAM

2x 1TB Spinny Drives or 1TB SSD

3X Tesla K80 or 2X M40 

1x 561T 10GBe NIC

Mellanox Connect x2 10GBe or Mellanox Connect x2 QSFP+ 40GB

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