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I need help


I recently built my own pc, years in the making, but whenever i play intense games my screen goes funny and my pc restarts itself but it doesn't, on my case i have a light that shows when everything is working but when this happens the light goes off. The only way to fix this is to reseat the cpu. spec: i7 12700k, ichill x4 3080, samsung 960 evo 250gb ssd, seagate 1tb ssd, 850w power supply, 16gb vengeance ram

i have ordered more thermal paste to see if that is the issue, i will try to keep this up to date.

Thanks in advance


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Welcome to the forums.


Please describe your problem more clearly. What does "screen goes funny" mean? What does "restarts itself but it doesn't" mean? What exactly happens?


Is the light you mention a hard drive activity light on your case, or something else?


You don't mention what type of cooler you are using for the CPU. What is it?


Do you really mean that every time this happens you remove whatever cooler you have, take the CPU out of the motherboard socket, put it back in, and then reinstall the cooler? 


Finally, in the future please make your thread titles more descriptive of the problem. Every week there's at least a dozen threads on these forums with titles that are just something like "help pls." If the title summarizes the nature of the problem, there is a better chance someone with relevant knowledge will notice it. 



Your "PC master race" thing is cringe. 


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