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Sony XM4 Broken Swivel Issue - Lawsuit in the near future?


First time posting here in the forum but I would like to raise an known issue for Sony XM4.

Sony Thread for Broken Swivel



Dear Sony,


This letter was already sent on November 27th, 2022


This is a letter signed by over 100 of your customers (BCC), who would like to see it that you take responsibility for what we believe is a manufacturing / design flaw in your WH-1000MX4 headphones. The details of the identified problem (1), our desired outcome (2), and communication expectations  (3) are explained below. We would prefer avoiding legal action or media attention on the issue, and look forward to discussing this topic with you in hopes of finding a satisfactory solution for your most engaged and passionate customers.


Identified Problem:




In the Sony Forum link above, started on April 27th, 2021, User16195527089117444534 shared that the right side hinge on their WH-1000MX4 headphones had broken. Indeed, the swivel, attached to the headband protrudes to fit into the ear cup portion of the headset. A U-shaped metal piece fits snuggly into the rut around the edge of the swivel’s protrusion to keep it secure. A plastic piece, held into the top of the ear cup by two screws then holds the metal piece in place.


In each and every case described on this forum (which now has 80+ answers), as well as on reddit and other websites, the plastic piece described above breaks from normal use. Indeed, this thin, fragile, plastic piece must bear the tension of the entire headset when stretched out to be worn. All pictures show that this piece, which we have identified as the weak link, starts to break after about 9 months of normal use. The headphone is then rendered unusable until repaired.


Unfortunately, this happens to many users shortly after the 12-month warranty on the product expires, meaning they are no longer entitled to complementary repairs or replacements by Sony. Sony repair centers then charge exorbitant rates to receive ($65) and repair ($125) the headset, often exceeding the price of the headset on second-hand markets. Users are then left to abandon an otherwise perfectly functional product, or attempt a complicated and risky repair themselves by purchasing parts on unofficial websites. The fact that this plastic piece is usually sold out on sites such as eBay attests to the frequency of the particular issue.


Desired Outcome:


We find it disappointing that Sony abandons all responsibility for what we believe is a design flaw in their flagship headset just 12 months after it is sold to their customers. We also condemn the exorbitantly high repair prices Sony charges these same customers for the company’s design flaw, as it makes repairing an unattractive decision when compared to purchasing a new product. Actually, we disapprove of charging customers anything at all as we believe Sony should be responsible for the unusability caused by this design flaw.


We seek

  • Free repairs (for customers with this broken plastic piece)

  • Free replacement parts (for customers wishing to carry out repairs on their own)

  • Financial compensation (for customers who have suffered expenses relating to the repair or replacement of this plastic piece)

If offered, these solutions should be easily accessible for all existing plaintiffs and new complaints should be handled within 5 business days. 


Communication Expectations


Considering that Sony customers have already shown remarkable patience in regards to this issue, we expect swift responses from your end.

  • We expect to receive a preliminary reply to this request within 4 weeks (20 business days).

  • We also expect to have a more direct line of contact after your preliminary reply and expect replies within 2 weeks (10 business days) from that point onward.




Many of your most passionate and loyal customers have been affected by this unfortunate situation. Many have expressed disappointment they can no longer use a product they loved, despite having saved up so long to purchase it.


“my headphones breaking really broke my heart. I will not accept having these headphones out of my life no no no”


“I love these headphones and am devastated that they broke, would love sony to help me repair them!! They are useless now!!”


“The xm4 was the first sony product I bought with my own money”


We don’t blame Sony for this design flaw and generally are happy with the quality of the product. However, we simply would like Sony to accept their share of responsibility, as well as provide assistance for these customers who have suffered damage from normal use on their relatively new products.


We would appreciate it if you, the reader, would send this to as high of a Sony representative as possible. As mentioned above, we would like to refrain from resorting to legal action or media attention on this issue, and would prefer Sony work with us towards a satisfactory solution for their passionate customers. We hope the latter becomes reality.


Thank you,


V.B. and 130+ other Sony customers

I hope this get attention for what it deserves, paying a for a premium but low quality build.

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Like, what you are expecting? Making news about something like this won't really do anything. Its not dangerous in any level (unlike some recent bad design things happening in PC sphere or something with cars for example).


Personally I'm already against Sony for their shitty return policy.



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