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Weird argus bug


Im using Argus Monitor quite a while, recently i got a weird bug though and i cant figure out what is causing it.

Im controlling my case fans with it and they randomly speed up even though nothing is happening,


Temps of cpu etc are stable at idle temps (watercooled).


Now since about a month they start to spin up suddenly with no reason what so ever..


After some investigation i figured out, that Argus is reversing the %..Dont know how to explain that, but 25% turns into 75%..


If i set it to 0% the fans spin up full speed and vise versa - 100% = 0%


When i set manual to bios it returns to normal for a bit but after some time it just starts again reversing the %.


In bios i set them to always stay the same speed no matter which temp and its also the right mode, pwm.




Red number up right is my CPU temp, green my GPU, Celsius.


Both fan headers got 2 fans via Y split on them, all the same model. Bequiet rgb 120


Bios, Windows, argus everything up to date.


No additional fan controlling software installed. No overclocking software like afterburner in use.


My radiator fans are controlled external, it's a DIY build.


i have no clue how that would happen, it starts randomly and sometimes its both headers and sometimes just one..


Also it stopps and goes back to normal randomly at some point but returns to said state after some

random time, sometimes hours, sometimes minutes..anyone else got that problem?

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