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Relaxing lock screen policies on android

Some background: I got a Samsung Tab S6 lite for Christmas this year as a way for me to take notes at uni. Something that has started to irritate me over the last month is how little you can truly do from the device's lock screen. Given the lack of a fingerprint sensor and the general fiddlyness of face recognition (i wear glasses), unlocking requires i input a pin. 


Most functions, even within the android drop-down menu, require me to unlock my device first before doing what they're supposed to do. This is irritating because I would like to be able to toggle options such as Bluetooth or wifi from the lockscreen easily and quickly. Typing in my pin is a needless friction point here, especially since this sort of stuff from the lockscreen is possible on my android phone. Heck, even turning off my device requires I unlock it first... 


Is there any way to adjust this sort of behavior on Android? A cursory search of my settings revealed nothing, but I may have missed stuff. 


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I'd just disable the lock and use without PIN. That's what many people I know do. If security is of a concern still, pretty sure you can then set specific apps to require a pin, like if you wanted to open settings for example.


Not sure if that's a parental profile mode but something similar like that has to exist.

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