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problems with hdmi soundbar on pc


ive a soundbar thats plug in directly to mobo rear io hdmi port, it works great, immediately recognized by windows and never seems to cause any issues as if they disabled the screen and only audio was passing through. however, today when i updated to newest nvidia driver, the whole screen went black, so after a while, i restarted my pc, but all 2 screens thats plugged in to graphic card via dp stopped working, no signal. i plugged one of them into motherboard dp port, run ddu and rolled back to previous nvidia driver and its still the same problem, if i plug in the hdmi cable, either to mobo or graphic card hdmi port, both screen went completely black without any signal, unplugging the hdmi cable doesnt fix it, has to be a hard restart before both screen works again, altho if the hdmi cable was plugged in, i can still see the msi mobo boot logo before windows start, and i can still see the windows advanced troubleshooting screen if i restarted too much, its only when it boot to windows login screen those monitor stopped working, which lead me to believe that either windows or nvidia driver is corrupted somewhere causing the problem. please help

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