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Question about ram speed support on JEDEC (no XMP)


The PC DOES NOT support XMP (no BIOS settings or option in XTU) and the CPU is Core i7 6700K (The PC is an HP Envy Phoenix 860-180ST and it has a HP 2B4B Z170 mobo)


The i7 6700K has only up to DDR4-2133 officially supported, but I noticed the RAM installed in the PC is a DDR4 2666 JEDEC DIMM and it is running at 2666 (checked it via CPU-Z and HWINFO64).


I was confused because I thought that in order for a RAM to run higher than the officially supported speed of the CPU, you need to either manually tune it or use XMP.


I am considering of getting a JEDEC DDR4 3200 if it would work at that speed on the PC.

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