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Final Fight FREE on Steam December 8th

Paul Rudd

Final Fight is FREE right now on Steam. 89% Positive reviews.


Free to keep when you get it before Dec 12 @ 12:00pm.


Be sure to snag the Capcom Arcade Stadium for FREE in order to play the game.


Final Fight is a series of beat 'em up video games by Capcom, which began with the arcade release of Final Fight in 1989. Set in the fictional Metro City, the games focus on a group of heroic vigilantes who fights against the control and various threats of criminal gangs, primarily the Mad Gear Gang. The series has sold 3.2 million units worldwide as of December 31, 2019.


The game began development as a sequel to the original Street Fighter released in 1987, under the working title Street Fighter '89 but the genre was switched from a fighting game to a beat 'em up and the title was changed to Final Fight following the success of Double Dragon. Final Fight was ported to various home computers and consoles, including the ZX Spectrum, Super NES and Sega CD. It hit Steam on May 24, 2021.


Fun fact, Robin Williams stated that he named his son Cody Williams after a video game character, which is believed to be Cody from Final Fight.

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