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Febooti Automation


Good Evening all, 


My workplace has decided to start trialling Febooti to automate some tasks. 


I have been tasked with the first trial automation for a lady in our accounts department. 


So, everyday she downloads our UPS invoices via the UPS billing webpage. I've setup the first task to monitor a specific folder then unzip the file to another folder, this is working great. 


The second part is to create another task to monitor for new files that are dumped into the unzip folder and then print them. My first hurdle is that some of the PDF files that UPS create are 130-200 pages we have no need to print these but want them to stay in the folder, for auditing purposes. 


After some thinking, I thought, great I'll set it to only print files that are smaller that 30KB. This is where I am completely stuck. I cannot, for the life of me work out how to set that variable. 


Does anyone have any experience with Febooti? 


I am more than open to alternative program suggestions. 

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