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Lipstick on a Pig – “Treasure Box” Refurbished Gaming PC Review


5 hours ago, danwat1234 said:

would you set it up as a cluste

I would do it as a cluster 

Everyone, Creator初音ミク Hatsune Miku Google commercial.



Cameras: Main: Canon 70D - Secondary: Panasonic GX85 - Spare: Samsung ST68. - Action cams: GoPro Hero+, Akaso EK7000pro

Dead cameras: Nikion s4000, Canon XTi




Dell optiplex 5050 (main) - i5-6500- 20GB ram -500gb samsung 970 evo  500gb WD blue HDD - dvd r/w


HP compaq 8300 prebuilt - Intel i5-3470 - 8GB ram - 500GB HDD - bluray drive


old windows 7 gaming desktop - Intel i5 2400 - lenovo CIH61M V:1.0 - 4GB ram - 1TB HDD - dual DVD r/w


main laptop acer e5 15 - Intel i3 7th gen - 16GB ram - 1TB HDD - dvd drive                                                                     


school laptop lenovo 300e chromebook 2nd gen - Intel celeron - 4GB ram - 32GB SSD 


audio mac- 2017 apple macbook air A1466 EMC 3178

Any questions? pm me.



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You can tell that Linus isn't from the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) just by how he pronounces "Toronto." It's pronounced "cherana!"

Also, given GTA traffic, their offices are probably more like an hour apart. The joke is, Toronto is an hour away from Toronto. One of the reasons I don't live there anymore (but I still like to visit).

System Specs: Second-class potato, slightly mouldy

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