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Buying GPU from ComputerUniverse. Is the risk worth it?


So I have my eye on this gpu https://www.computeruniverse.net/en/p/90916128, ASUS TUF (NOT OC) RTX 4080 for 1.4k eur and considering the 3080 in my area are still 1k+, I think a 200-300 eur price increase is worth it. Only issue is I have read about Computer universe on the internet and the messages are mixed, some reddit threads say no problems at all, other sources had some complications, and considering this is a quite big purchase I am weighing in the risk factors of the card not being new as advertised, potential damage in shipping or the GPU not actually being in stock when I already purchase it (some reported some issues with their availability statuses).

On another note I currently run a 1080 that I have been running from start of 2018, nothing wrong with the card but am slowly feeling it is time for an upgrade due to a couple of GPU intensive games I play. I don't plan on buying the card right this instant, but with the holiday season upon us and the release of the 7000 series around the corner I would wait at least until new year until deciding for this purchase. Any feedback or comment is welcome.

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