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Should I retune or use Corsair iCUE H100i ELITE CAPELLIX AM4 bracket Rust


42 minutes ago, cutpast said:


I bought H100i ELITE CAPELLIX from amazon, AM4 bracket which come with cooler has very small spot of rust, can I use it for ryzen7700x new builds or should I return the whole unit just for that small spot , here some pictures


20221203_155830.heic 1.09 MB · 3 downloads 20221203_155835.heic 1 MB · 8 downloads 20221203_155924.heic 958.95 kB · 3 downloads

That isn't small in my book.

Try contact Corsair and see if they can send you a set of new brackets. Return to Amazon might be faster depends on where you are.

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