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Asus released BIOS with Curve optimizer for 5800x3d


Yes you heard me right. No more fiddling with programs in windows, its now in the regular bios for some asus motherboards, hopefully all soon. Just updated my b550m tuf gaming wifi to latest 2806 and now the option is there. Not my find but hope you non redit people will be as happy as I was. Haven't played with it myself yet....only had my 5800x3d for a few days. 

As curve optimizer has shown to be one of the best way to extract the most performance of the 5000 series cpus AND often lower power consumption as well, I am happy to see it finnaly be a thing on the x3d. 

For those not in the loop, AMD locked curve optimizer for the x3d cpu for risk of to much power or voltage....but now its here. May more vendors join soon. Not like ASUS can remove the bios anymore...now it is in the wild, no take back



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