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miss notifications on bans


Browser, version and OS: 

Firefox windws 10


Steps to reproduce/what were you doing before it happened?

Request temporary ban from admin,

Get temporary ban from admin.

Another user does something that should give a notification.

Temporary ban elapses.

Notification from other user doesn't exist.


What happened?

Requested temporary ban.

Didn't get notifications from time during ban.

All my notifications were erased aside from like right before the ban.


What did you expect to happen?

Get notifications during requested temp ban


Link to a page where it happened, if applicable: 

Unless you want my password, nah.


Screenshots of the issue, if applicable: 



Any other relevant details:



If it's a cloudflare error, what was the ray ID from the bottom of the error page?




(PS no blank line after final question, so uhh, auto bold if you press enter at end of final question.)

Synthesizer thread:


LTT Fan Fiction:


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I think I already reported this, they cant do anything.

|:Insert something funny:|




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