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Well, recommend me what I can do to utilize an old laptop for.

It's an Acer Aspire 4253, AMD E-350 APU, 2-3 GB of RAM (I forgot exactly how much). It has a 1 TB HDD now (previously it's my family's NAS server for movies) but I plan to get a secondhand small-size (32/64 GB) SATA SSD for it simply because it's slow af, and got bad sector, and I don't plan to use it as a NAS anymore as I stream movies/series lately anyway. It doesn't have any screen (so I have to plug a monitor to it) and even removed the screen hinge either, and unfortunately no wireless module as I removed them.


Well, I could try install Linux/else for using it as a some server, I could use it as a home automation (like Home Assistant) server, or even dedicated game server, but what else that could be fun to make use for it as I simply want to experiment on it rather to keep the thing scrapped?


Thanks in advance.

Humor me, as you should do.


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with such an old device, there is not a lot you can do. Even with an SSD it will be painfully slow, since the apu is really old and bad. I wouldnt bother spending any money on it. 


As for what I would do: bring it to a decent recycling facility.

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I'd put in an SSD and donate to charity. Plenty of schools that can't afford enough laptops.

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