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Motherboard cpu vrm amputation?



Thing keeps shorting and burning from that charred bit of the vrm


Bought a p7p55d broken, seller said it hasnt been used in a year, got it and it smells like massage oil, turned it on heard some sparking, then the vrm just burst into flames. Multiple attempts of getting rid of the short by detaching some smds failed, very unproffesionally determined that charred bit is catching fire (by turning the thing on obv) looks unfixable so gotta amputate it ig


The board actually is alive my postcard did show some codes when i first got it though pretty sure if its dead its gotta be the vrm thats shot (rst led off on the pcie debug card) if not then the rst light is on and vrm is fine



Basically i have nothing to lose and i dont care if this thing dies or not, just wanna see if i can amputate the vrm and make the stupid thing stop catching fire as experience. What smds or ics would i need to remove to amputate the entire left part of the vrm and keep the top part or atleast stop power to this shorted burning area?

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remove the fried components, probably have to do some scraping on the board itself because a fried PCB likes to form some carbon, which is conductive. 


then to have any sort of stability you'll need to replace the removed components, and repair the cooked traces.


essentially.. you paid money for E-waste, so you now are the proud owner of E-waste.

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