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Mouse freezes up and then comes back, sometimes multiple times in a row




Recently my mouse started acting up. It randomly freezes for a second or so, sometimes a few seconds. It then comes back alive and either does it again or works for a few minutes, then it happens again. It seems to disconnect for a split second but it does have power as the LEDs on it stay on. It works perfectly fine on a different device.  (A Windows 11 laptop in this case) The mouse in question is a Glorious Model O Wired. The issue is more common during gaming than it is during regular use, maybe this is because I need to be more precise playing games and therefore notice it faster.

I have tried EVERYTHING I could find which I will list under this spoiler.



  • Reinstalling drivers & firmware.
  • Turning it off and on again.
  • Trying the mouse on a different device. (Works)
  • sfc scannow.
  • I tried every single Windows setting in the Mouse section.
  • Reducing polling rate.
  • Different mousepad.
  • Different USB slot. (Front and back)
  • Anything you can find on the first 3 pages of Google using multiple different searches.
  • Cleaning the mouse & sensor.

I have probably tried a lot more but it is at a point where I don't remember what I've tried.

I have not tried a different mouse because I don't have one. I highly doubt this will work though as it works perfectly fine on my laptop.

I have recorded a video with my phone (sorry, it is late cant be bothered to properly record it). It freezes, then you see the mouse (keyboard symbol idk why) disappear and instantly come back.


My specs

OS - Windows 11 Pro (64 bit, Version 21H2)

CPU - Ryzen 3700X (not overclocked)


MOBO - GigaByte X570 Gaming X (Latest BIOS is installed)

GPU - RTX 2070 Super (overclocked slightly)

PSU - Corsair RM750x (750W obviously)

Storage - 500GB NVME, 3 1TB SATA SSDs


Thanks in advance for any help! It really is appreciated.

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