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Audio stutters/cuts out with some FPS degradation


Not exactly sure if this is the correct spot for this, but here goes. I’ll try to keep this short.


If I have a blizzard game open, say Diablo II resurrected, and I get into a League of legends game, the audio for my entire computer stutters and there’s slight degradation in total. It’ll stop as soon as I exit one of the games. Now it also happens if I’m in Diablo II resurrected and I open World of Warcraft. Essentially, any 2 blizzard games open at the same time, or League plus a blizzard game. I can play league and any steam game completely fine.


I have Windows 11 64 bit

Intel i9-12900K

MSI MEG Z690 Unity ATX

32gb DDR5 RAM

ROG Strix 3080 TI


If you need anymore info, please feel free to ask. Thanks!

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