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Looking for advice in upcoming rtx 4090


I’ll be getting an 4090 for sure and Iv slowly been buying watercooling parts over the last year.  Just gotta wait tell gpu block from ek.


What is the best gpu for watercooling?  

Can the FE switch too 600 watt mode ? Or is that dual bios only?


If ALL AIB cards have 600 watt limit from power cable then dies it really matter?


Since gpu mhz is tied to temps does that mean ALL cards at the same temp will get same boost clocks? 

Should I get something like the strix?  Seems stupid since it’s 400 over msrp.

And does the FE compact pcb effect anything vs a full size card? 


CPU:                       Motherboard:                Graphics:                                 Ram:

i7-8700k@5.3ghz   Asrock z370 Taichi         1080 FTW hybrid@2164mhz    Trident Z 3200mhzc14

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Wait for cards to come out, Nvidia supposedly said that with ATX 3.0 PCI-E standards using the 12HIPWR connector is to allow the card and the PSU to communicate to go "Hey I have 800w of head room go nuts" 

The 600w max tdp is if Power is available I believe it's on a GPU Architecture level and BIOS level. I'm sure it will be a requirement by Nvidia that all cards have the 3.0 PCI-E Power connector. 

Also no not all cards will have the clocks at the same temps. Some cards are just better than others. Strix is usually good since they stopped making the Matrix Line of cards from what I've noticed. We also know absolutely nothing about the difference between the FE Compact PCB vs a full size PCB. I would wait for card break downs and reviews with that. 

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