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No picture on screen from gpu HDMI connection, need advice



I have an 

Motherboard - MSI Z87-S02 Gaming Motherboard Z87 Chipset

CPU - Intel Xeon E3 1270v3 (Same CPU as Core i7 4770 But without iGPU)

RAM - Samsung 1600Mhz 4x4GB = 16GB

Corsair RM750x Gold, checked several times so that the ATX power, PCIe to the gpu, sata and CPU to JPWR2 are all connected. All fans are running, and RGB lighting too when I plug it in and turn it on.


Since theres no integrated GPU, i've tried using an old Geforce 405 and now a brand new RTX 3050 in the PCIe x16 3.0 slot (As i understand the rtx 3050 should work despite being PCIe 4.0 right?) and then connect the HDMI cable from the gpu to 2 different TV screens and 2 different laptops to try and use them as monitors, but I can't get any picture what so ever. 

There's only usb and audio ports on the motherboard and my gpu only has HDMI, so can't use DVI or VGA without using an adapter if that would work? Or is there something else i could do? change to a new monitor, (have already tried several different HDMI cables) but maybe you need a very high quality one or something? or maybe i could do something even without a working monitor to get it to boot and install drivers? flash the BIOS with a flash drive(even though they have been flashed to the motherboard already?)

Would appreciate any advice 

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