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pc freezes while playing games on a new Hik Vision 1tb nvme ssd

my problem is whenever i run games on my NVME the game freezes and my whole pc is frozen and i have to hard shut down, and sometimes when i start back up the NVME is not showing and then i'll have to reboot again for it to show up,

but the strange thing is this doesn't happen when i go to a friends house and bring my pc and run games there, i dont get any crashes, i think there might be an issue with unstable power at my house, but im not that sure. i tried getting a ups but it didn't help that much, it seems to have made things a little more stable but it still crashes.


CPU - intel core i5 8600

Motherboard - Asus rog strix b360-F gaming

hyperx ram ddr4 2666hz

GPU - MSI RTX 2070 super 

Hikvision e1000 1TB M.2 PCIe - the drive im having a problem with


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