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Gaming PC building advice (Current Rig built back in 2015)


Budget (including currency): Unsure of what this should be costing me, but whatever it takes to avoid rebuilding every 2-3 years. (Read previous rig)

Country: USA

Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: Just about any level of gaming from running emulators on high CPU/Ram usage, to shooters such as GTFO in 2K graphics, to simple things like Minecraft or league of legends.

Other details (existing parts lists, whether any peripherals are needed, what you're upgrading from, when you're going to buy, what resolution and refresh rate you want to play at, etc): 

My current outdated rig: I7-4790K, 16GB Crucial Ballistix Elite 1866 Ram(4x4gb), 750W G2 EVGA Modular PSU, ASUS Z97-A Motherboard, GTX 1070 GPU, Samsung Evo 500GB SSD, some old WD 1TB HDD for larger storage.


When I built a rig back in 2015, I bought something that I have felt has lasted the test of time. This rig has been through everything and only recently have a felt the need to upgrade as it is beginning to show in gaming load times that it could be better compared to cheaper rigs available today. I still do not feel that I "have" to upgrade this thing, but I do know its very old and can better, and with the used market being crazy right now I'm feeling there's some opportunity I may miss on for a cheaper upgrade option, even if it isn't quite the monster this guy was in 2015. 


I have a Samsung CRG9 49" 2K resolution monitor that I'm using now. This thing is huge and I almost never use it full screen. Game compatibility is limited on that wide of a screen and who knew moving your neck so much would actually suck, so it gets used as a left-handed half screen at 1080P-2K more often than full screen depending on the game and desired FPS. I still like the monitor though.



I've always been a team blue kind of guy. I've seen too many driver issues, incompatibilities with softwares on AMD end in the old days, however over the last 7-ish years AMD has seemed to improve their game. I'm on the fence and unsure anymore. Things I've seen in the past are AMD support for single core performance on CEMU emulation. Driver fan performance problems on radeon cards. AMD processors literally just dying from age where Intel has not in my experience, etc. It used to be that AMD just ran hot and that could have been why, and single core performance was just better with Intel no matter how you went if you like to do a bit of everything, but I'm not sure that's a problem anymore.


I don't want to spend an arm and a leg to say "I'm not buying anything for 7 more years", but I also don't want to say let's save $100 USD because "It's not needed" although it would provide quite a boost in performance anyway. I want a rig that can last a while, but maybe waiting 7 years was a bit too long. Who knows. It's crazy that RGB didn't even exist really when I built my last rig, let alone NVME drives now existing.


I'm nearing age 30 in the next years, so RGB and fancy lighting probably is a joke in reality. This thing collects dust sitting under my desk and is never looked at if I'm being realistic, so if I'm going to penny pinch, it's likely on the "ooo pretty" category. Also TDP problems I see are a thing now. Electric bills are expensive this day and age, and if saving money monthly is an option even with a tiny cost performance, this is where things can get REAL complicated to weigh out. I feel like there's hours of research to be done and charts to make to build "the rig" now, and everyone has so many opinions that it's getting quite difficult. Any simplification advice on this is appreciated. If you have recent build videos with advice for rigs, I'd even love watching those to learn about recent products.




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You seem to be bashing a bit on RGB. And I will explain to you why it DOES have a real-world advantage.


My GF wasn't into PC's, and didn't really care about her laptop stuffs. Didn't maintain it, didn't clean it, it was just a mess. I got her into some PC stuffs initially. Learning her the basics of "build your own pc" with affordable used parts. She was proud she was able to put together her own pc, but that was it.


Then a few years ago, I made her build her own system. Me recommending a bunch of components, explaining why X or Y would be good, and have her pick the parts. This also included an affordable very-fancy-to-her case, and "all" the RGB, set to a colour she just loves. (purple) Now she just has a very functional and good looking computer. It's a bit of a center piece of electronics, in her livingroom. Something she cares about. Something she gives a deep clean (taking it apart) and a weekly propper dusting. So YES, RGB can have a serious impact on performance. (by keeping the dust away and keeping it well maintained)


Consider it, don't ignore or bash it.

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