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need an opinion on a build for content consuption and light gaming (with an upgrde planned down the line)

I am looking to build a new pc because right now me and my brother are sharing a pc and i want one for myself.

the part list attached is the most reasonably priced parts i found, my plan is to buy an extra 8gb of ram (not used) and an rtx 3060 or 3060 ti off the used market later when i have the money.

i mainly want an opinion on the parts used in the build for gaming in the future.

Budget (including currency): 2300₪ (~650$)

Country: Israel

Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: currently netflix, web browsing and light gaming. when i upgrade heavier games, mostly single player.

Other details: i have all the needed peripherals (monitor, kb and mouse and speakers). i have a 60hz 1080p monitor but i might upgrade to a 1440p monitor when i get the gpu. windows not included in the budget.


prices of the parts listed:

CPU: 850₪ (~240$)

MB: 370₪ (~105$)

RAM: 140₪ (~40$)

SSD: 310₪ (~88$)

PSU: 320₪ (~91$)

Case: 238₪ (~68$)



i would be happy to hear your thoughts and opinions, thanks in advance 🙂






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