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LG G5 H830 not fast charging

Leaking Oil

I have recently bought an LG G5 and have been using it as my daily driver for almost a week now since my Xiaomi decided to stop working. It was brought from the US and it came with a US power brick and a fast charging 2m cable. When the phone came it would quick charge every time you plugged it in and now it doesn't. I'd plug it in and it would just do very slow 260mA charging and only sometimes it would start to quick charge. Sometimes when I take the battery out and plug it in it would quick charge but then the next time I plug it in, it would slow charge. Could it be the almost 7 year old battery? it does show only about 47% of battery health in Accubattery and it does sometimes restart out of the blue when it has under 40% of battery. Anyone had a similar issue and know how to fix this?

PC: CPU: Intel Core2Quad Q6600 I GPU: R9 280X I Ram: 4x2GB No Name 800mhz DDR2 I Storage: SSD1: Patriot Burst 480 GB SSD2: SanDisk Standard Plus 1TB I PSU: Raidmax RX-500XT I Case: Some old Antec case from the late 2000's  

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