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Video distribution via torrents, how best to manage? What trackers to use?


I am looking at doing stuff on youtube soon.  However, I don't want to post all long form.  So, I was thinking why not distribute on torrent networks for long form?


Is there an easy way to setup files and trackers?  I want security in using this sorta system, so with that being said, would checksumming also be a good idea?



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checksum is not security ... it's for error detection

When you create a torrent, you automatically hash the content, and each piece gets a 20 byte hash of the contents - where piece is a portion of your content, can be as low as 32 or 64 KB (I forget now the lowest amount) and as much as 32 MB. Usually, the "best practice" is to have up to around 2000 pieces in a torrent, so the program that creates the torrent will usually auto select the piece size with that in mind, but you can manually change it.

As a torrent client downloads a torrent, it hash checks what it downloads and compares the hash check of a piece with what it retrieved - if there's some error, it re-downloads that piece from another client.

You can easily set up your own tracker, and most torrent clients have the ability to act as torrent trackers as well (you'd just have to make sure to enable forwarding


If you have a static IP you should use a subdomain on your website for it (example tracker.domain.com ) or buy a domain name if you don't have one (ex buy a 3-15$ a year domain on namecheap.com and point the domain to your static IP)

Even if your IP is dynamic (the ISP changes it from time to time or every time you reboot your router, it's still worth having your own domain but then you'd have to update the bought domain's IP manually every time IP changes. Propagation of the new entry would take 10-30 minutes.

Alternatively you would use one of those free dns services ... for example https://freedns.afraid.org/ - you sign up for free and they give you a subdomain on a domain they own, which will point to your IP and you can run a small tool in the system tray which will detect each time your IP changes and sends it to them so it will be kept sync'ed. But note that with the free account on mentioned site takes a bit longer time to propagate updates.


If you don't want to have your own tracker, then you can use public trackers.


See the lists here for public trackers (you can just paste the URLs when you create the torrent ) : https://github.com/ngosang/trackerslist

The first 5 or so from trackers_best  should be enough but I would make sure there's at least one tracker that runs on UDP, one that runs on port 80  (regular http) and one on port 443 (https)  - some networks will block UDP, others may block 80 (because they block addresses and plain requests) and in that case the torrent client would still be able to connect to the encrypted trackers.


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