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Recommendation for a GUI tool for file comparsion/MD5 checking?

Hey LTT forms


So I had been lazy, backing up files manually by just copy and paste them to my external drives, then let BackBlaze upload it.

But recently I started to wonder and worry about data rot.(Few files from years ago were found corrupt, its likely files were corrupt when downloading, or damaged in previous hard drives.)


What would be the best tool to check between the two copies of files and perhaps saving a historic snapshot (current I use MD5 list) to cross-check?

I am using Md5checker 3.3. But it appears it have problem if the file name or path having special character from a different language.

I having problem saving .MD5 file or comparing them. Comparing 1-2 file manually is fine, but several thousand is a different story.

image.png.495fdb9d306e1c8a712d7e0182db49f1.png<- See the MD5 were calculated and claimed as "saved". The output is a 0kb file with nothing in it.

I am wondering if there is a better tool than Md5checker 3.3 for checking files and save a snapshot so I know something is not right.

I prefer using a GUI instead of command lines, the algorithm doesn't have to be MD5 too, can be SHA1 or other algorithms.


Thanks for the help!

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