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Looking for a Warframe sherpa.


33 years old, dad with 2 young kids, looking to finally understand Warframe. I tend to give up on games that have a ton to learn but this will be my 3rd try and you know what they say. I'm fine with grinding, I'm fine with complicated hoops to jump through to get something in game, I just feel like the curve is too steep for me and my duck duck go searches. I've listened to podcasts about this game, I've read up, watched youtube, etc. I feel  like much of my questions are either super obvious or super niche so I have trouble. I really just want to get to a point I understand the goals so I can "relax" with this game. Right now I can make stuff happen (I have about 40 hours in this game between PC and switch) but I just can't ever tell if I'm going in the right direction. There is grinding and there is spinning your tires and right now I can't tell the difference. My schedule is such that any game time is impossible to plan for but typically Saturday night is open (central time zone) for a few hours. Discord communication would be ideal. Down to join whatever server but my server is semi private. One on one text/voice is ok too. But yeah that's pretty much it. I'd like to find a group that both doesn't depend on my presence but welcomes me the rare times I get to play (and can put up with my n00b questions).


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