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LG SN7Y(87) Subwoofer unable to connect


Hey, I’ve got a LG SN7Y soundbar with BT subwoofer it’s around 18months old so unfortunately out of warranty, it’s been fantastic up until last week, occasionally it used to lose Bluetooth connection/sync and I would power cycle both the sub and soundbar and it would reconnect. But from last Sunday I was watching the Southern 500 and I noticed a distinct lack of bass, so I tried the power cycle, still nothing. I’ve searched online all over and it seems to be a regular problem across various generations. For mine the common process seems to be, volume to min then hold mute for three second and on the LCD it shows WL RESET (which I’m guessing is wireless reset), press the small button on the back of the sub so the LED flashes green rapidly and then disconnect both from power and wait anywhere from a minute to 5 minutes even some say over night depending on the site I’ve read and then re power on and it SHOULD reconnect. 

but unfortunately it’s just not connecting, I get the flashing green light on the sub like it’s searching for the connection and after about 10minutes of this it goes red signalling the signal connection has failed. I have tried this 15-20times for different lengths of waiting on the power cycle and tried it without removing the power but no, still nothing. 
the Bluetooth on the soundbar is still working because I can connect my phone to it. But I have no way of checking the Bluetooth on the sub, I’ve read people say the Bluetooth card is commonish to fail but I am unsure how to validate that as the potential fault. And the card it self isn’t cheap so don’t want to just take a punt. 

the sub is less than 3ft away from the bar and I’ve actually put them next to each other to make sure it wasn’t a line of sight issue. 
I’m a real audio freak and can’t stand poor sound so really want to get this fixed as I adored the sound quality from the soundbar sub combo through ARC. 
many help really appreciated. 

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