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What order to xbox profiles show up when you first turn the xbox on?


So my sister has accused me of using our xbox series s when we werent supposed to despite the remotes being taken away. This was because when the xbox powered up it showed my profile as ya know the first one to show up. (We have 2). She then said that the profile that shows up iirst is the last profile the xbox was used with. Is this true? If i use my xbox account, turn off the xbox then power it back on again will my profile show up first? Is it always this way? Thanks guys. I have a feelingmmy sister signed into my account when i wasnt looking. Just a hunch but idk. Thanks guys



These arent mine but an example from the web. See how the one profile that has blue is first and then the black triangle one. Doe hhis mean the las accoount used was the blue one? The xbox series s has one a bit diffrent but you sorta get the idea

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