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Pc Powering off (like I've lost power)


I've had a reoccurring problem where my Pc's PSU will Click off like pm pc has been unplugged or how your pc will turn its self off during a Bios update.

It will do this either after a month since the last time or just before Win 11 lock screen or only a few seconds after bushing the power button.


Reseating My CPU seems to delay the power crashing by a random amount.


I have now changed to an MSI B450 Gaming Pro Carbon. Yet. Mobo this morning. it has not lost power. Yet.

I'm now looking to do a Warranty claim on my mobo. anyone have some help would be nice.

 Microsoft Windows 11 Pro
10.0.22000 Build 22000
x64-based PC

AMD Ryzen 5 2600------25-30C at idle


Bios Version 4403

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 30-35C at idle

Silverstone Sx700W PSU


What I've tried

New PSU 750W

Disconnect all usb, sata, front I/O, Front Audio

Changed GPU

New HDD with complete new Win 11

Now changed to my old MSI B450 Gaming Pro Carbon.


Ive had no luck in any Repro steps.
Thanks for any help.

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Overheating CPU would do that. A bad motherboard would also. This is also common with underpowered GPUs but I hardly think a 700-750W would struggle with a GTX1080.


ADDED: I'm amazed you got Win11 to run on a 2600. Are they even supported for Win11?

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