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Troubleshooting: PC has power but will not boot


This is an update to my last post here.


I followed what the only comment told me to do (even reseated the CPU). Unplugged everything not necessary and switched off the PSU (GPU removed, USB devices removed). Didn’t work. Next step: unplugged power switch and took out ram. Put ram back in and tried jumping the computer- didn’t work initially. Minutes later, the PC turns on for two seconds, turns off, then immediately turns back on and stays on. I had not touched the computer for several minutes and it did this.


I had this same issue last year but it hasn’t happened until now and this was after an RMA to which Gigabyte said nothing is wrong. Not really sure what to do because Z390 mini ITX motherboards are pretty non-existent and expensive and my board is not within warranty anymore I think. I’m at least happy I’m able to replicate the problem and subsequently fix it but that means having my pc just lie there in pieces until I wait for it to break again. 


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