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AORUS 3090 XTREME 24G - Dying? Display going out.


I’m stumped on the issue I’m having…

I have a 3090 Aorus Xtreme that seems to still be “functional”.

But after a few minutes of idle or web browsing at the most my display goes dark and remains unresponsive.

The only way I can get my display back is completely shutting off power and unplugging PSU for a couple hours, and maybe it will boot up okay. Sometimes I have to install an old 1080ti or run integrated graphics to get my rig to “reset” in order for the 3090 to display.


3090 fans, LEDs, etc all seem normal. Just no display.


This all started happening after my pc went to sleep a couple weeks ago and when I returned I was not able to wake it up.returned, I was not able to wake it up.

Had to remove 3090 and go with 1080ti for some time.


Overnight I left the 3090 uninstalled. Woke up this morning and booted with iGPU display. All functioning as normal..
Reinstalled 3090. Booted. Functioned until I attempted to reinstall latest NVidia driver. Display went out again and about 30 seconds later fans went 100% and the 3090 got hot/was hot when I shutdown and took it back out.


There is a random loose PCB square inside the GPU. Stuck between the heatsink and outer shell. I can't see any markings on it other than "D33006 RoHS" and a serial number I can't make out... This card was a replacement from a previous RMA. It looks like its connected to the rest of the GPU somehow.


I’m running a DP Cable, DP1.2 1440p@165hz. DDU was ran to reset drivers completely. Drivers are up to date. MOBO bios is up to date.

Thanks for the help!

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