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PC crashes after connecting to the internet


Hi guys,


I have some sort of a difficult problem this time.

At my companny we have a PC that operates a color mxining dispenser.

It's about 10 years old running Windows 7 Pro an i5, 8Gb RAM... specs don't really matter.

So the thing is we need the manufacturer of that machine to do some changes in the software

since a component which isn't availiable anymore needed to be replaced with anotherone.

Doesn't really matter either.

Usually our industrial PCs aren't connected to the internet but for the case we need it, we use a

4G internet router from our phone provider.


And here comes the problem.

As soon as the PC get's any sort of interent connection, it just reboots.

As if someone hit the reset button!

In the event viewer there is just a Critical Kernel Power Error 41.


I allready tried to replace the network card, same issue.

If I disable the internet on the router with another PC before

I plug it in, it just connects to "Local Area Network" without a problem.

But as soon as it reaches out in the WWW, it simply terminates.

As if some software causes a fatal error in windows, as soon as

it goes online, or some sort of virus, which is unlikeley, since,

like I said, our PCs are usually not connected to the internet.


How can I find out what causes this problem, and maybe fix

or uninstall the reason for that Error?

I can't do a new Windows install on that thing because it

runs lots of very specific custom software, which costs us $$$

to reinstall.

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Since it costs you money, I'd contact Microsoft Support and have them assist in troubleshooting the error message and system logs.

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