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Upgrading to ssd boot: smaller 128GB boot + 500GB data


Hello everyone, 


I have an old PC with an ASUS P8H61 Motherboard and Intel i7 2600K and I'm planning to upgrade it from HDD to SSD.

On this motherboard I have 1x PCIe 16x (2.0) & 2x PCIe 1x (2.0) and none of this PCIe is usable as boot drive (if I install a PCIe to M.2 adapter).


I was planning to use a SATA SSD of around 128GB to use just for the Operating System and then mount a PCIe to M.2 adapter on the PCIe 1x (2.0) slot and install a 500GB SSD which I will put as target destination for Applications and Folders etc. 


Would you recommend it as an option to have a separate SSD for just apps and data and another separate disk for the OS?

I would like applications to open up faster and folders to load quicker too than regular SATA SSD. Moreover I think it will be better if I do some video editing to have almost 500MB/s from the M.2 SSD.


Does it make sense or should I just stick to 500GB SATA SSD ?


Thank you.

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